Recently while browsing through the internet, I came across an image of three people on a couch smiling. The first thing I notice in the picture is that the guy in the middle is missing one of his front teeth. After reading through the caption, “even if the man lacks an eyebrow, the first thing you see is his smile…” I immediately went back to the picture to confirm, and it was oddly true. The man in the middle lacked both an eyebrow and a tooth.

The above example is to show you how important your smile is. Straight white teeth are not just for celebrities. The growth in corrective dentistry over the last decade has made the process of teeth whitening more budget-friendly and safer. According to a national study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, only 4% of adults do not believe that a charming smile makes an individual more attractive to the opposite gender.

Here are some advantages of teeth whitening:

Teeth Whitening Boost Your Self Confidence

There is something about having clean white teeth, your confidence levels automatically skyrocket. You may be on a date, taking a walk, at work or giving a presentation, shiny teeth are hard to ignore. Having whiter teeth is an indication to other people that you are responsible and care about your health and appearance.

It Improves Your Overall Look

You may have the strongest, healthiest teeth and a straight smile but you’re not immune to the damage that the rest face. Dark liquids such as sodas, coffee, and tea stain our teeth after long periods of use and lack of proper care.

Allows You to Let Your Guard Down

Now that you are feeling more positive, you’ll feel less guarded in friendly conversations. You will feel the urge to smile and laugh just to get people to notice your shiny teeth. Teeth whitening has the potential to boost your dating pool since partners are attracted to people who enjoy themselves.

Keeps Your Teeth Safe

Among the largest falsified information on teeth whitening is that it harms the teeth’s enamel and increases sensitivity to very cold and very hot food and beverages. This is not true. The majority of the stains on the teeth are caused by beverages and food we eat. These stains do not lead to any irreversible damage, and the action of teeth whitening is to reverse the stain effects.

One thing to note is that unlike plastic surgery and other body enhancements, teeth whitening doesn’t cost a fortune and at-home tools to whiten the teeth have affordable values.

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