Avoidable Mistakes in Makeup Application

For many years, many women still use cosmetic brushes to apply their makeup. This is attributed to the convenience associated with using brushes in applying makeup. Unfortunately, as simple as it seems, most women still fail to get the approach right. They end up making unnecessary mistakes. As such, this article presents a list of avoidable mistakes that women make in makeup application and ways of avoiding them.


Using the Wrong brushwoman applying makeup

This is the most common mistake. Statistical findings reveal that close to 70% of women make this mistake. Well, most of them make this mistake out of ignorance whereas a few others are forced to make by circumstances like preparing for work when late.

Consequently, most women fail to get the best out of their makeup sessions. Moreover, inappropriate use also subjects the brush to the risk of damage. The only sure remedy to avoid this is to label your brushes clearly.

Inconsistencies in cleaning your brushes

Most women know the value of having clean brushes. Unfortunately, only a few of them clean the brushes properly. How should you clean them? Well, this depends on how often you use them. For instance, those that use it on a daily basis are advised to clean it at the end of the week. Before your weekly cleaning, some beauty experts suggest that you should periodically apply a cleaner to reduce bacteria buildup. Notably, bacteria in this brushes originates from oils, dead skin cells and dirt are aware that they should clean their brushes.

Ignoring the handle

When cleaning, most people focus on the head and end up ignoring the handle. Although the handle does not get into contact with your face, it is important to have it cleaned when cleaning the head as well. The handle accumulates grime that can harbor bacteria’s that end up on the head. Acne is a consequence of ineffective cleaning methods. Clean your brush with quality detergents and sterilize the entire unit.

Applying too much pressure

Use of force is oftewoman in make up transformationn confused for right application of makeup. Ideally, this notion is far from the truth. Only proper use of makeup guarantees success and not force. As such, most makeup experts recommend that when applying makeup, you should always strive to use minimal force. How does one know the right pressures? One uses the correct force when the brush bristles remain straight during application; bent bristles are an indicator of excess energy.

It is important for to avoid the above tips when applying makeup. The right use of makeup attracts lasting benefits. Besides, one should buy their makeup products from recognized beauty stores.

Published by Catherine Johnson

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