Many people conjure images of soldiers and battles and dead and dying men when they think of a revolution. To a certain extent, all of those things are a part of the revolution. However, a women’s revolution for modest dress need not be violent. For all your modest clothing needs.

In fact, although the process of affecting society to dress in modest clothing will exhibit the characteristics of a revolution the effect produced will be more like a reformation.


Modest Clothing Revolutions

Women who are adorning themselves in modest dresses, skirts, shirts, and pants are rebelling against the results of the sexual revolution that triumphed in the 1960’s. Victory in this war will require the discipline and the diligence of soldiers in battle, but violence is not necessary.

Women revolution for modest dress

Make no mistake, the women’s revolution for modest dress is a war. You may recall from the movement away from mannequin modesty began as class warfare against the elite’s standards of wearing a modest long dress.Now that the elite has embraced practices and rituals of the sexual revolution they are not going to give them up easily.

However, a women’s revolution for modest dress need not turn violent. All you need to do, ladies, is go about your daily business wearing modest clothing and dress your little girls in modest apparel.

Society reformation

Your silent witness will demonstrate to those whom you come in contact with the beauty of modest dress. By infusing a sign of respect for the modest dress in this manner, you will be a part of the reformation of society.

Wearing tiny clothes

Wearing small clothes is, of course, an outward ethic resulting from an inward philosophy of life, just like the lack of modest dress led from the destructive beliefs that were foisted on the American scene in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Women’s dressing

Women's dressingIn reality, all that you are doing by participating in this women’s revolution for modest dress is the reclaiming society for respectability and dignity. You are reforming society with the philosophy of Biblical ethic that was lost to the humanists when American young people decided that each had the right to create his own ethic concerning whether to wear modest clothes or no clothes at all.

It is a widespread phenomenon across America, where it is almost seen as going against somebody right when one frequently engages in some talks about modesty of dressing.