Tunic designs exist for sale in the market today in different categories, whether it is in dresses, in tops, in jumpsuits, in skirts, in pants, in knitwear, in sportswear, or in outwear. Women thus have a variety to choose from and still look elegant and modern. Another advantage that these great tunic designs come with is that they come in varied colors, shapes, and sizes to suit the taste as well as the body size of a woman. Moreover, you can wear them for any occasion from official, formal, to casual events such as parties. The green tunic with leggings is one of the most trending wear. There are also those designed for cold climate and those made for the summer.

Different designs

Mini dress designs

woman in white dressMini dresses are always ideal for the summer season. Some of the great mini designs include the “She’s” line of models. The first is the black and white asymmetrical plain cutout mini dress, which goes for $95. The second one is the black A-line Zipper Sleeveless plain mini dress going at the cost of $88. The next line of designs is the Auchan-Ai that includes the red ruffled half sleeve at $69, the black half sleeve plain at $69, and the black stripes sleeveless crewneck mini dress at $65. Finally, we have the QILI design such as the black sheath plain sleeve at $68 and the red casual H-line V-neck mini dress at $75

Midi dress designs

The midi designs are cut a little below the knees and are suitable for all forms of occasions. Some of the standard models in the market today include the Queen Mulock VEINFUNS, SichengLisha, blue sky, KK2, and ZiSheng among others. Apricot floral silk crew neck sleeveless is one example of Queen Mulock design costing $76. The black elegant abstract asymmetric midi dress represents a VEINFUNS at $72. For Sicheng.Lisha, we have the purplish blue graphic vintage crew neck midi dress costing $79.99.

Maxi dress design

avatar Another category of great tunic designs is the Maxi dresses, which comes in different colors and shapes to make you comfortable and stylish when going out. Best models in this class include TEYXO, BORME, MOREFEEL, Differentes, QILI, Googdia, HaipingXie, TOOTANG, Blush fashion, and HZY among others. Long sleeve handmade maxi dress is an example of the TEYXO brand selling at $79. For BORME, we have the back abstract A-line beach costing $85. Another example is the black short sleeve A-line plunging neck maxi dress representing MOREFEEL brand at $65. Make a point today to choose a design for your official or casual occasion.