Age takes a toll on one’s skin most evidently. As you age, skin loses its vital elasticity and starts sagging. Sagging skin in a big issue that has become one major reason for worry among the beautiful women of Melbourne and thankfully there are some amazing ways you can get rid of some of the facial wrinkles and fine lines using modern cosmetic technology. One such way the women are adopting the new age cosmetology are with dermal fillers in melbourne. These procedures have been found to be effective and pocket-friendly.

Dermal fillers are probably the easiest and less expenbeautiful womansive ways to lose those fine lines and wrinkles and give your face the youthful glow back again. Though it does not provide a life-long result, it does help you keep looking younger by ages at least for 6 to 24 months. Many types of dermal fillers are available in Melbourne depending on where you want to use it and your age.


Dermal fillers are viscous gel fillers that provide hydration to your skin and keeps it hydrated over a period. These are injected into the area on your face where your skin seems to be sagging or have wrinkles and takes a couple of days to heal and set. The procedure takes hardly 15 minutes under local anesthetics or using creams to numb the area to be injected and is best done by a qualified doctor.

Though many types of substances are used as dermal fillers, the base remains a clear gel. Substances like Hyaluronic acid, Lignocaine, and Radiesse are some of the commonly used dermal fillers in Melbourne. They are used on the lips, chin, around the eyes, jaw lines, mouth corners, frown lines and forehead, cheeks, etc. Based on how sensitive the area is, a thinner or thicker gel is used. The thinner the gel used is, the shorter it stays.

How safe are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fbeautiful woman smiling illers in Melbourne are quite safe products that are injected only into the surface of your skin. As it does not get deep into your body, it does not reach your blood or other organs to create any reaction or allergy. Since similar compounds are found in our skin cells, there is very little chance of the skin reacting to them adversely.

Once injected, they firm the skin making them lose the sagging and fine lines which keeps the skin looking much younger. The only risk is that of bruising, and that can be easily handled by topical application of ice or some basic crèmes the doctors will prescribe.