If you are a hairdresser or someone with interest in this field, there are certain things you should have with you. First, you need to invest in some essential hair styling accessories like the hair scissors. From there, you need to take time and see to it that you are conversant with what most clients want. If you only deal with men, you need to have basic knowledge and experience to give your customers the best haircuts. Here are some of the best preppy hairstyles you clients will be looking for.

The Ivy League haircut

This type of haircut is also known as the Princeton man haircut. Unlike the name, which suggests that it’s something for the elite, it is a relatively common hairstyle. The good thing about this is that it looks perfect to people with small hair. Another good thing about this hairstyle is that it also works perfectly for people struggling with thinning hair. Ideally, these style is characterized by having the longest hair at the front and short hair at the sides.

Curtain fringe

This is not a favorite for most men. However, the few that use it find it to be an excellent way of making a fashion statement. It is a great choice for guys with short hair looking to grow it out. It can also be used by people with both straight and curly hair. The critical thing about this type of hair is to define the center parting, which is mostly done by their hair stylist.

Slicked back

barber shopThis hairstyle might not be common to many men. The only requirement for one to have this hair style is to have long hair. As much as there are no real rules when it comes to this hairstyles, this hairstyle does not require very short hair. As such, it might require some regular trimming to keep it at the right size. It looks perfect on men with hairs of medium thickness.


A good number of men have curly hairs. Though arguably, this hairstyle is considered to be preppy. It is a good hairstyle for someone looking to pull off an unstructured look. In case you are working on curly style, it is imperative to choose a chin length style to give you adequate breathing space. You can give it a more structured look with a clean parting or have a relaxed look by swiping it back.

Published by Catherine Johnson

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