Nothing brings back a radiant smile than teeth that look white and sparkling. A variety of reasons will lead people to get their teeth white. It could be that their teeth have stained and discolored over time and they want to return the white spark. One could also be looking to change their appearance, and one quick way would be to whiten their teeth. If you are planning to brighten your teeth and do a teeth whitening procedure, their are basics that one should know.

Teeth Whitening


Teeth whitening is the process where one bleaches their teeth to make them a lighter shade than they were previously. Teeth whitening does not make the teeth become brilliant white, but it makes the shade a bit lighter than the current shade. That is the shade surface of the teeth becomes brighter than it was before.

What options are available

The teeth whitening process has three options available for one to choose from. This include:
1. A visit to a dentist who will do the treatment
2. Home teeth whitening kits that can be prescribed by a professional
3. Off the counter, home teeth whitening kits that can be bought.

Dental visit whitening process

This kind of treatment will require the person to visit a dentist who will do the treatments depending on what the patient wants. The first one will involve one visit the dentist for a couple of months. The dentist will have to make a mold of the patient’s teeth to make a mouthguard. The patient will then receive instructions on the usage of the mouthguard together with a bleaching gel while at home. The second treatment involves the dentist directly applying a gel on the teeth of the patient while having covered the patient’s gum to get the desired shade of white. Lastly, the dentist may perform a process called the power whitening or laser whitening. This will involve the use of a bleaching element that will be applied to the patient’s teeth, next a laser light will be passed and shone over the teeth, this will activate the whitening of the teeth.

Whitening Kits

 teeth whitening The teeth whitening kits come with instructions for the person who needs to use it to follow. Whether one gets from a professional or from over the counter, the instructions are easy to follow. One can get whitening strips before & after photos after using the kits to look at the transformation that has taken place. It is important that one buys the over the counter kit from a reputable and registered company that has a proven record of results.

In conclusion, to get the teeth sparkle back teeth whitening is a great way of doing cosmetic treatment to improve and enhance your look.