Three words can accurately describe wood sunglasses; exotic, fabulous and trendy. These one of a kind products come with an extremely fashionable and distinctive style, which can effortlessly compliment both women and men clothing. They particularly blend rather well with neutral colors and fabrics.

Even better, these kinds of eyewear are environmentally friendly. With many of the companies that manufacture them using materials from sustainable wood resources. Additionally, as they are 100% natural, they tend to be allergen free as opposed to the metallic and plastic varieties that are currently awash in the market.

Materials usedglasses

The exact materials that are utilized to make these types of eyewear are many and very varied. With each of them lending a unique look to the ultimate finished product. Some of the most popular include ebony, maple, black walnut, birch, bamboo, purpleheart, zebra wood, cocobolo and even blood wood. From which you can conveniently pick the best material that matches your needs and preferences to the T.

Still, it is important to note that all these varieties of wood are highly noted for been lightweight, very comfy and long lasting. Also, as optometrists always point out, the larger the Wood Sunglasses frame, the more effective it is in blocking out more light. This goes a long way in the prevention of UV rays caused eye damage.

How to choose the best

When it comes to selecting the most appropriate wooden sunglasses frame for you, it is always wise to pick a style that seamlessly compliments your exact facial shape. For those with square faces, that is one that features a strong jaw whose width is similar to the forehead, round or aviator frames can be suitable. If this happens to be the case with your own face, always steer clear from square or even geometric shaped frames.

Shouldgeometric shaped frames you have a rounded face, where your cheeks are the widest feature, rectangular frames will be more flattering to your given facial shape as opposed to round ones. For those with oval facial shapes, symmetrical frames with a similar length and width can be the right choice.

Finally, should you happen to have a heart-shaped face, that features a pointy chin which is narrower than the forehead, wood sunglasses with rectangular frames will be able to balance out your chin : forehead ratio. All in all, these kinds of eyewear can be just what you need to showcase your personality in a way you would never have thought possible.